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Romford travel writer documents unsettling experience visiting North Korea

Lauren Pears documents her experiences travelling in North Korea in her travel blog at Picture: Lauren Pears. This killed six US military.” When visiting the National Library Lauren was surprised to discover Harry Potter, Shakespeare’s works and Sherlock Holmes on the shelves. She said: “One of our tour guides who had been really quite stilted and unwilling to talk about her personal interests throughout most of the trip started to open up when I asked her if she’d read Harry Potter. “Her face lit up and she said ‘it’s my favourite!’ “From then on she was a lot more willing to answer my questions about life in North Korea - it seems that a good book brings people together everywhere in the world.” On the same day, Lauren visited the local circus and was surprised to see anti-US propaganda playing in the background. Lauren Pears documents her experiences travelling in North Korea in her travel blog at laurenstraveldiary.comPicture: Lauren Pears “The stunts and tricks they performed were absolutely mindblowing,” she said. “However, while these incredible acts were going on, on a screen directly behind the stage, footage of war, anti-US propaganda and patriotic images were being displayed. “Given that there were school kids here watching the circus, this was quite unsettling.” On the day of her departure, Lauren reflected on how much she had really learnt about North Korea. Lauren wrote in her travel diary: “I felt as though I had learned so much about this fascinating country, however, I also worry that I’ve been slightly brainwashed. “If I knew nothing of North Korea before arriving there, I would have said ‘wow, this is a beautiful country. The citizens are given free education, healthcare and housing.’ “But, knowing what I know, I’m aware that a lot of what I witnessed and experienced was likely staged or just for show, and is not at all representative of most of the country. “The issue is, it’s extremely difficult for me to untangle what’s real and what isn’t. “I suppose that was probably their motive.” Lauren says that despite the risks, she would visit the country again.

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Anyone deplaning at the Incheon airport then was sure to share an immigration queue with Chinese nationals. In case that sounds normal -- Chinese tourists go lots of places  -- consider that the number of arrivals to South Korea plummeted for 11 months after March 2017. The numbers fell because of an informal Chinese boycott against South Korea itself over the government’s decision to install a U.S.-designed Terminal High Altitude Area Defense anti-missile system (THAAD) that Beijing felt could monitor its own military activities. That hurt. South Korea needs the tourism for economic diversification and Chinese made up nearly half all arrivals when tourism there peaked in 2016. Now experts point to signs of bottoming out. Chinese tourists still covet trips to South Korea for its close proximity and plethora of budget carriers . Some want to learn about South Korea’s historical cultural links with their own country and the source of Korean drama that’s a rage on Chinese television. It’s too early to say for sure that Chinese will restart trips, and any increase would take time to rebuild.

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